Dominos’ Pizza set to open in Tutuban Center

Jayson Aguirre, Leasing Associate; Sylvia Tecson, Tutuban Center VP for Leasing and Marketing; Jerson Miranda, Business Development Manager for Domino’s Pizza; Louie Reyes, Business Development Officer for Domino’s Pizza, Armilyn Permalino, Cadet Engineer for Domino’s Pizza; Ron Sugapong, OIC-Tutuban Properties, Inc. and CFO for Prime Orion Philippines, Inc.

American restaurant chain Domino’s Pizza signed as the newest tenant of Tutuban Center last June 30, 2015. This is part of the international franchise’s aggressive expansion efforts in the country. According to Jerson Miranda, Business Development Manager for Domino’s Pizza, they specifically recommended Tutuban to be one of the areas to tap for the expansion. He shared, “When we saw the potential of pizza in the place, we knew that we were in the right direction. For Tutuban, we are aiming for a 40/60 type of business, 60 of which will be dining.” Domino’s Pizza is targeting to open 30 stores by the end of 2015. The Tutuban branch, which is set to open August, will be the brand’s 22nd outlet.

When Performance Matters

If you work with overhead cranes, you have a big responsibility. You’re working in a demanding industry where your equipment needs to rise to the challenge. You have deadlines to meet and clients to satisfy. The last thing you need is a breakdown. Life happens and there are going to be moments when your crane becomes disabled. You can’t keep parts from wearing out or malfunctions from happening. You can be prepared. Turn to when you have a problem with your overhead crane. You’ll get the parts that you need to that you can get back to business as usual.

You Can’t Waste Time
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Stick with the Program
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Work-life balance essential for homemakers

Global appliance manufacturer offers solutions for better household management

I wish I have more time.”

Hearing this phrase from homemakers is not uncommon. As managers of households become more and more involved and active in other activities, juggling work and chores become an even bigger challenge for these dynamic individuals.

Industry reports show that the rising employment rate increased the need of homemakers to ease their household burdens,” explains Mr. Joeben Gamatero, Concepcion Midea’s Marketing Director. “The good news is that higher employment also increases their purchasing power so they now have the means to buy quality home appliances to help them.”

One of the most time-consuming activities in the household is doing the laundry. There are still homemakers that choose to hand wash their clothes while a good majority find the wash, rinse, and dry cycle exhausting.

“This is where quality home appliances enter the scene. By choosing the right home appliances, everyone can lighten the demands of their household chores,” says Mr. Gamatero.

One touch convenience

What if you could finish your laundry with just a touch of a button?

Global brand Midea has made this possible by stepping up with its Fully Automatic One Touch Washing Machine. Equipped with a One Touch feature, this washing machine can wash, rinse, and dry with just a push of a button.

This function does not only lessen the time and effort usually involved in washing clothes, it also minimizes the common confusion of homemakers with the many buttons and dials of washing machines. More importantly, it lessens the period they spend on this chore and gives them more time to do other things.

Mr. Gamatero suggests, “Homeowners should always look for user-friendly, efficient appliances. Half of their work is already done once they do.”

Efficiency is key

“The term efficiency is multidimensional when it comes to appliances. Other than being easy to use, home partners should also be friendly to the pocket and equipped with good features,” continues Mr. Gamatero.

Another feature of the Midea One Touch Washing Machine is the Quick Wash function that lessens washing time by as much as 50% versus other washing machines. With this feature, washing a full load takes as fast as 19 minutes so homemakers can have more free time on their hands.

Additionally, this washing machine comes with two other features that both save on electricity and water usage. The Piso Wash does a complete wash and dry cycle all for 1php of electricity cost per load while Smart Sensors automatically set the right time and amount of water based on the laundry load. The latter helps save water by as much as 37%.

Time is a very valuable resource for homemakers. Though they are leading very active lifestyles now, they are still expected to be hands-on in managing their homes. While their packed schedules may limit their capacity to keep up with this responsibility, one way they can do to remain on top of things is to choose the right appliances.

Mr. Joeben Gamatero concludes, “Homemakers deserve a good work-life balance. By having the right home partners, they can continue doing their many roles effectively while still having ample time to enjoy other things they love.”

About Midea

Midea is one of the world’s largest producers of consumer appliances. Established in 1968, Midea has consistently strived to make the lives of its consumers easier with their line of innovative products. On 2014, Midea Global partnered with Concepcion Industrial Corporation to bring the brand closer to Filipinos. For more information on Midea, please call +632-850-9888 or visit

Quoting The Job

When you start to think about remodeling your home, you should look at home renovation quotes that are offered by contractors. The quote is often set and probably won’t change after the job is completed. If there is any change in the amount, it will likely go down, especially if the company sees that it didn’t take as long to complete the work as expected.

There are a few things that the quote should include. The parts and labor are key components to the quote. If you are supplying the parts, then it shouldn’t cost as much. However, you shouldn’t let the company get the very best equipment as this can cause the price to increase when it doesn’t need to be as expensive. If the contractor is using outside help to do the job, then it probably won’t take as long to finish, which would lead to the labor rate being lower.

After the job is completed, someone has to clean up the mess that was made. The contractor might leave that to you since you are the homeowner, but in most cases, there will be someone else who will clean. This would be an extra charge on the quote. You should also ask about repairs that might need to be made during the renovation. Some companies will go ahead and make repairs while the work is being done, and others will make you aware of any repairs so that you can decide whether you want them fixed.

Each home renovation is different. A friend might get something done for thousands of dollars while your job might be a fraction of that price. It all depends on how big the job is, how many people are working to get it done and where the job is in the home. Some areas of the home might require work that is more detailed, such as the bathroom. Make sure you get the quote in writing before agreeing to the price. <--!noadsense-->

Daikin Gives S$1 million to Cool the 28th SEA Games

Manila – The Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC) and Daikin Industries Ltd jointly announced at a signing ceremony today that the air-conditioning firm will be the Official Cooling Sponsor of the 28th SEA Games. Daikin, the world’s largest air-conditioning manufacturer, will provide cash sponsorship of S$1 million.

Mr Ching Khim Huat, Managing Director of Daikin Air-conditioning (Singapore) Pte Ltd, said the deal was in line with their global objective to grow together with communities everywhere and to touch the lives of everyone. “Daikin is proud to play a key role in promoting sports around the region. We firmly believe that sporting events like the SEA Games not only encourages but also fosters strong regional cooperation, community spirit, friendship and peace within the Southeast Asian community.”

Applauding Daikin’s backing of sports in the region, Mr Lim Teck Yin, Chairman of SINGSOC EXCO said, “We are pleased to have Daikin on board for the 28th SEA Games and their sponsorship will go a long way towards the success of the Games. The SEA Games is about bridging relationships across the Southeast Asian nations, and Daikin’s involvement in the global sporting scene makes them an ideal partner to co-create this regional Games with.”

While striving to be a locally rooted company dedicated to protecting the environment, supporting education, and promoting arts and culture, Daikin has over the years also been actively involved with the advancement of sports in the various countries it operates in. These include the Daikin Orchid Ladies Gold Tournament in Okinawa. In addition it also sponsors the Galatasaray women’s volleyball team in Turkey, the SV Germania 08 football club in Germany, a football team in Belgium, the Greentown football team in China, and Chonburi FC in Thailand. In some countries it also supports billiards and football leagues, cycling events and track and field competitions.

With the signing of this latest sponsorship deal to become the Official Cooling Sponsor of the 28th SEA Games, Daikin continues to look for further opportunities to achieve