Five Tips to Prevent Rats Nesting in your Home

The thought of rats in your home is enough for anyone to panic. Rats can be big carriers of germs and disease and are not something you want to share your lives with so it is essential to take all necessary steps to avoid them nesting in your home.

Blocking all Holes and Gaps

Ensure that all your windows are sealed properly and there are no holes in walls or floorboards as rats can get through incredibly small spaces and once they are in your home it is hard to eliminate them. They chew on wires and wood so will quickly cause damage if they make it into your walls or roof. Make sure you regularly check your roof for any holes or cracked tiles that will allow rats to enter. Crawling into heating equipment is also a favourite activity so make sure you check heaters or the back of fireplaces etc.

Remove garbage

Make sure you regularly clean out bins and try not to leave them resting up against your home. Ensure your areas where bins are kept are neat and tidy and don’t present any hiding places for rats to stay in. Keep the area around your home free of shrubs, weeds and anything else. The less that is around your home the less places for the rats to hide.

Moth Balls

Moth balls don’t just eliminate moths – as Rats don’t like them either. Place moth balls in sheds, cupboards, storage containers – just make sure that you take the necessary precautions about moth balls being around food sources.


Traps are very effective ways of preventing rats nesting in your home. Simple traps with a piece of cheese or pumpkin seeds are a good way to entice rats to be caught – after all they are always searching for food so if you make it easy for them they will be very easy prey. There are many different traps that can be bought – but sometimes the old fashioned wooden trap with the metal spring will be one of the most effective. Just be prepared to hear them going off in the middle of the night after one of your unlucky rat residents succumbs to their lure! The traps are so cheap to buy that you can throw the whole trap, with the rat caught inside straight into the bin.

Regular Pest Control

Jump online to and book in your half yearly pest control treatment. Nobody gets rids of rats like a professional pest controller who has the skills to both find any nests they make and knows the best way to eliminate them.

There are many different ways that you can catch rats if they do make their way into your home. Have you thought about actions you could take around your home that might help you avoid a rest infestation? Sometimes it is just simple actions that can make the biggest difference – if all it takes is a clean out of your bin and relocation of them to another spot around your home it will certainly save you a lot of hassle and the unfortunate instance of rats in your home!

Cute Coin Bank

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What You Need for the Perfect Outdoor Dinner Party

Throwing a dinner party is so much fun – especially when it’s outside. Warm, balmy nights are the best times to have friends or family over. You can take the party outside and eat under the moonlight. But before you consider throwing an outdoor dinner party, there are a few things you will need to make sure it’s absolutely perfect.

Comfortable Seating:

This may seem obvious, but an outdoor dinner party is all about enjoying the fresh air. You don’t want your guests to be getting up and wandering inside once the meal is over due to uncomfortable furniture. Make sure that your dining area is warm and inviting. Consider using large cushions on top of your seats to encourage guests to linger by the table.

Heating and Cooling:

If it’s starting to get cool, it’s important that you have adequate heating for your guests. Look into the different types of outdoor heating that are available. You may be able to come up with something quirky and unique. A roaring open fire is always a winning option, so consider installing a fire pit in your backyard.
On warmer evenings, you may need to provide some kind of shade for your guests. The sun is great, but you don’t want to be sitting outside under the heat for hours on end. Have a look into the different kinds of shade cloths you can find. You can mix and match materials to create a truly unique feel for your yard.


Ideally, everyone would have a bar in their backyard. But anything from a bathtub full of ice to a mini-fridge will do. It’s important to keep your drinks cool for a dinner party, and you don’t want to be constantly running back to the house to get something from the fridge.


A little bit of decoration can go a long way. There’s something magical about sitting outside in a beautiful garden at night. Make the experience that little bit extra special for your guests and spruce up your yard. Prune the bushes, plant some flowers, or even think about installing some fairy lights. There is no limit to the creativity you can use or the decorations you can come up with.
Throwing an outdoor dinner party doesn’t have to be hassle. But there are certain steps you should follow to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. Simple things make a big difference. Just make sure that you have ample room for dining and that it’s comfortable. Taking control of the weather with a heater and shade cloth is essential too. Make your outdoor dinner party the best it can be. For more information about backyard essentials visit BBQ’s Galore.