Abad Santos Furniture Shops Direction

There was a street in Caloocan City where cheap furniture are being sold. This is known as the Abad Santos furniture shops. Actually, it was not located on Abad Santons Street but the street was known as such because the stretch starts from Abad Santos LRT terminal. So if you want to find cheap furniture, it is just an LRT away from you.

If you are coming from Bulacan, or any part in Northern Manila, all you have to do is travel thorugh Mc Arthur Highway and along the LRT line, when you reached the Abad Santos station, you will see the stretch of furniture shops there.

For some who are coming in the Eastern part or Southern Manila area, EDSA seems to be the best way or you can also take Araneta Avenue.

The number of furniture shops on that street is more than 20. So if you are really looking for cheap furniture, this is the place you should be. Just remember to canvass first before buying your dinning table or your sala set.

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